These are some of the links I have found to be useful.

Goat Registries and Associations

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American Dairy Goat Association Link

American Dairy Goat Association


American Goat Society

American Goat Society


Minnesota Dairy Goat Association

Minnesota Dairy Goat Association

American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association





Welcome to United Caprine News

United Caprine News - America's only monthly all-breed goat periodical


Dairy Goat Journal


Miscellaneous Resources


Animations, articles, and illustrations to help you learn more about your goat


Nigerian Dwarf Colors/Patterns


Genetics Information



Pregnancy Blood Testing for Goats, Cattle, and More 


Goat Supplies



Caprine Supply

Caprine Supply


Premier 1 Supplies

Premier 1 Supplies (the best heat lamps/bulbs + more)


Great Goat Information Sites


State Regulations for Importing Animals - New Link!

Fias Co Farm

Onion Creek Ranch

Kinne's Mini's

Fecal Testing



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