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Sixteen years ago my dream to live in the country finally came true when my husband and I found the perfect little farm situated on 36 acres in Embarrass, Minnesota.  We recently had the opportunity to add 38 more acres of adjoining land and are in the process of turning some of that overgrown acreage into additional pasture.  Embarrass is known for its cold temperatures and claims the rights as the "coldest spot in the state". It is not unusual to see 30 to 45 degrees below zero many mornings before the sun comes up during the winter months. The unofficial low temperature set on February 2, 1996 was -64 degrees!

Despite the cold, we had successfully raised a small herd of hardy, healthy, and happy pygmies and dairy cross goats prior to getting hooked on the wonderful Nigerian Dwarf breed. To read about the history of the breed, click the following link.  Nigerian Dwarf Goat Information

My goal is to breed healthy, hardy animals that are of correct conformation, good personality, and are excellent milkers that are easily milked by hand.  I enjoy the time I spend with my does while hand milking.  Nigerian Dwarf goats produce a surprising amount of milk for their small stature and the high butterfat makes them an excellent choice for families that want to make cheese.  I am currently working on my cheese-making skills and have tried my hand at several of the soft cheeses such as Chevre, Fromagina, and Fromage Blanc.  One of my favorite things to make with my goat's milk is yogurt.  It is just wonderful! 

In addition to our growing herd of beloved goats, we also are home to a small herd of registered Limousin and Hereford cattle, 10 or so laying hens (Black Java's, Black Marans, Swedish Flower Hens, and 1 elderly Easter Egger),  numerous Muscovy ducks, a pair of Indian Runner ducks, one zebra finch, two geriatric cats, and five geriatric dogs (four pugs, one Shih-Tzu).

We are currently members of the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA), the American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association (ANDDA), and the Minnesota Dairy Goat Association (MDGA). 

Our cattle are registered with NALF and you can see some photos of our herd on their own page.  Shere Country Ranch Limousin

To see some additional pictures from around our farm, check out the following link.  Farm & Family Photos


Health and Herd Management

** All goats 1 year old and older tested negative for CAE in late 2014/early 2015 **


** Whole herd tested negative for TB on 3/5/10 **

All of our goats are registered with the ADGA and some are registered with AGS also.  Our kids are dam raised and bottle fed both. I dam raise most of my own keeper kids unless circumstances dictate otherwise.  In an effort to better evaluate my herd, most 2015 kids will be bottle raised.  All buck kids are disbudded at three to fours days old and doe kids are generally done at 10-14 days old.  We strive to breed hardy, structurally correct, disease-free animals that thrive and produce well in our rather harsh northeastern Minnesota climate.

Our feeding program for our bucks consists of high quality locally grown grass or grass/alfalfa mix hay and free choice loose minerals (a custom mixed mineral similar to Right Now Onyx by Cargill). Our water quality is excellent and in the colder months we bring our goats buckets of fresh warm (almost hot) water several times a day which they really love.  In fact, even in the summer months they prefer warm water, although I still haven't convinced my husband of that!  Our milking does and kids get the same diet with the addition of a non-pelleted goat grain mix with black oil sunflower seeds mixed in it, as well as free choice baking soda.  I

We are blessed to have very few parasites in our area so we are firm believers in treatment mainly based on fecal tests.  I just recently received a wonderful gift from my very supportive husband ... a microscope for doing my own fecals!  I will continue to randomly check my results with my vet until I am more confident in my results.  Although I prefer raising my herd as naturally as possible, I will use commercial wormers and antibiotics if necessary.

Our herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats (all goats over one year of age) is  tested for CAE annually with all results being negative to date.  We have only done random Johnes testing so far but plan on testing all of our goats over 18 months old for Johnes in the coming year and will repeat as our vet recommends.  We have never had a CL abscess in our herd.  We have done annual whole herd TB testing in the past but will now test for that on an as needed basis.  Our herd is registered with the Minnesota Board of Animal Health as part of the Federal Scrapie Eradication Program.  Our Scrapie identification number is MN46368.

Our herd is founded with animals from healthy, productive herds that emphasize functional structure and correct mammary systems. We currently are not on milk test but hope to begin in the near future and have chosen our foundation animals with that goal in mind.



The most current news can be found on my Facebook farm page, Shere Country Ranch Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  Click the logo below to go there and check it out!

Thank you for your interest in Shere Country Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.

Julie Shere
Embarrass, MN 55732
(218) 984-3019
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