2017 Senior Does


Last Updated: 1/12/18

New!  You can now see the most current Linear Appraisal Structural Scores at a glance on all animals residing in our herd that have been appraised.  Check it out here:  Linear Appraisal Structural Scores Overview

Each doe now has their own individual page.   Click the links below to go to each doe's page. 


SGCH Shere Country MP Adagio *M 'E90' - will be out on lease for 2017/2018 - thanks Becky!

TX Twincreeks WDF Megapixel *S 'E90' X Shere Country SH Aria 'VG88'


SGCH Shere Country OB Arpeggio *M 'E90'

*B NC PromisedLand RC Obama *S X SG MI Sugarcreek XC Yoyo Tunes 'VG85'


SG Shere Country SH Allium 'E90'

SGCH Rosasharn SP Shazam + *B 'VG87' X SG Deb's Whisperwoods PG Violette 'VG87'


Dancing Angels Little Voice 'E90' (retired after 2017 kidding)

Twin Creeks WB Rain Beau *S X Sugar Creek PT Show Girl


Shere Country SH Aria 'VG88'

SGCH Rosasharn SP Shazam + *B 'VG87' X TX Twincreeks ADG Aria


1*M SG AGS Twin Creeks AH Finale's Zip *D 'E' AR1881 (retired

ARMCH Little Rascal's American Hero + *S 'E' X MCH Twin Creeks BW Grand Finale


Shere Country LS All That Jazz 'VG86'

*B Dill's XM Lonestar *S 'E90' X Dancing Angels Masquerade 'VG89'


Sugar Moon Zenaida - updated 11/16/17!

 + *B SG NC PromisedLand Ram-Beau *S 'E91' X *M SG NC PromisedLand PAL Paloma *D AR2328 'E90'


Dill's RD Conundrum VEcEc V - will be out on lease for 2017/2018 - thanks Becky!

+ *B NC PromisedLand MS River Dance X 1*M SG Dill's KJ Misstery *D 'E90'


Shere Country MP Windswept VEcV V

TX Twincreeks WDF Megapixel *S 'E90' X 3*M MI Sugarcreek VL Windstorm *D


Babel Brook Acres Z Fayette

Proctor Hill Farm BO Zumba X TX Twincreeks RM Tatiana


Sugar Moon BL Madeline

*B Chenango-Hill's TRX Bombay Aloo X SG 4*M AR NC Promisedland MG Frenchy 4*D AR2180OH


Babel Brook Acres SK Freya

*B MCH/GCH TX Twincreeks FAX Summerknight *S 'E90' (A.I.) X TX Twincreeks RM Tatiana


2018 First Fresheners


Shere Country STI Celesta

Zanzabeez ZSR Snap It X Shere Country SH Aria 'VG88'


Halfpint Haven Nina 

Gahbran Creek Daunt You Wanna X Shere Country EOS Heather


Shere Country SB Helga

Shere Country MP Storm Brew'n X Heidi's Mini Acres Olga


Shere Country V Soiree

AGS Fall Creek WR Valentino *S X Old Mountain Farm Parti Time




Reference Does

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