Junior Does


Last Updated: 11/17/17


Each doe now has their own individual page.   Click the links below to go to each doe's page. 

2017 Junior Does


Shere Country Name That Tune

Dragonfly CRH Renegade X SG MI Sugarcreek XC Yoyo Tunes


Shere Country Jubilee

Dragonfly CRH Renegade X Dancing Angels Little Voice 'E90'


Shere Country X Socorro Dove

Wren Farm VA Xtraordinary X Sugar Moon Zenaida


Shere Country Amelia Bedelia

Phoenix Farm Designer Genes X Sugar Moon BL Madeline


Shere Country Betty Rubble

Phoenix Farm Designer Genes X Babel Brook Acres S Betty Boop


Shere Country TMJ Cavatina

Sugar Moon BL That's My Jam X Shere Country SH Aria 'VG88'


Phoenix Farm Summer Shandy - Updated!

Phoenix Farm Blue Skies X Phoenix Farm Superior Genetics 'E90'


Enigma V Pot Pourri & Enigma V Fleurissimo

Fall Creek WR Valentino X Shere Country J Fleur


Old Beach Eaglehawk Tangerine

Dynamo Ziggzag Eaglehawk X Dynamo Ziggzag Earthshine



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