Old Beach Blueblood Earthsurf

DOB:  3/30/16


The photo of Earthsurf above was taken 11/17/17.  He's hairy and in rut but I still think he is handsome! His dam, Old Beach Ziggzag Earthshine, is shown below.  She is a great producer, giving approximately 5 lbs milk per day at 3 weeks fresh in 2017.  Earthshine's photo is courtesy of Azsa Grenier at Old Beach Farm.


Earthsurf's paternal granddam, Sugar Moon Zenaida, is a solid black doe who is the result of an excellent production breeding.  Her dam earned her SG (Superior Genetics) designation in 2011 and is now SG NC PromisedLand PAL Paloma *D *M 'E90', and her littermate brother, + *B SG Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby, is a herd sire at Pholia Farm Creamery and Dairy, and according to them, his first freshening daughters are some of their best, earning their SG designation at a very young age!  They consider Rocky Dolby to so far be one of their best bucks ever. 

Zenaida's first fresh udder is shown below.  She has amazing udder texture, and great teat size and medial, something that is quite often lacking in the breed.

The photo of Zenaida's dam's udder shown below is courtesy of Willow Moon Farm.


Pictured below are Zenaida (dry) and Wren Farm VA Xtraordinary in the breeding pen in the fall of 2016.

Show Wins


Color/Pattern Genetics:

Earthsurf is black with white spotting and blue eyes.


See his extended pedigree here:  Earthsurf's Pedigree


Sire:  Shere Country S Blueblood

SS:  *B DesertNanny BR Shenandoah *S

SD:  Sugar Moon Zenaida

Dam:  Dynamo Ziggzag Earthshine

DS:  Dynamo Falcon Ziggzag

DD:  Dynamo Zebra Candee

















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