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Updated:  1/1/19


Final kidding schedule for 2019 is posted! 

 12/15/18:  My vet came out for CAE & Johnes testing on my senior bucks and my hopefully bred senior does.  All results again came back negative.  CL testing hasn't been done in the past but 6 of the senior does were tested in December and all results were negative.

11/26/18:  Kristin came and drew blood on my upcoming first fresheners for CAE & Johnes testing and all results were negative. 

I'm trying very hard to limit myself to 12 does kidding which means several of my senior does will be left dry this time around.  I have 6 dry yearlings that have to get bred which limits the number of seniors I will breed this fall. 

2/19/17:  The first round of blood draws has been done for 2017.  I started with the does due to kid. 15 does were tested for CAE on 2/19/17 and all were negative results.  I hope to get dry senior does and yearlings done soon.

8/20/16:  Lots of changes in the works!  Some beautiful does came back home today, as well as  some exceptional bucks.  I will be doing limited breedings for 2017 kids and hopefully will get the breeding schedule figured out and updated shortly. 

You can now see the most current Linear Appraisal Structural Scores at a glance on all animals residing in our herd that have been appraised.  Check it out here:  Linear Appraisal Structural Scores Overview

Why buy from us?  I have worked hard to develop a herd with strong, correct conformation, milk production, and ease of hand milking.  I test my herd on a regular basis for CAE and Johnes and am willing to provide customers with testing results to ensure their peace of mind.  It isn't cheap to properly raise and care for goats but I make every effort to keep my animals reasonably priced.  Shere Country animals have been doing very well in other herds.  You can see several of them below.

Shown above on the left is 1 *M SGCH Shere Country MP Adagio who appraised in 2015 at 03-03 90 VEVE.  Shown at the far right is 1 *M SGCH Shere Country OB Arpeggio who appraised in 2015 at 05-04 90 VEVE.  Both were owned, shown, and promoted by Becky Gretebeck at All Seasons Farm.  Many thanks to Becky for taking such wonderful care of them and allowing these girls to return home on 8/20/16.  Photos courtesy of All Seasons Farm.

Shown below is SG Shere Country MP Bollywood owned by Susan Kuha at Able Valley Farm.  Bollywood was Linear Appraised as a two-year-old second freshener (02-03) in 2013 with a score of 90 EEEE!  She was appraised again in 2016 with a score of VEEE FS90 (05-03) and this will be her permanent score.  Bollywood attended the 2013 ADGA National Show and placed 7th in her large class.  Photo courtesy of Able Valley Farm.


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